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Brandon Tate take reverse inside 10, leads to 10-3 Buffalo Bills lead

The Bills used some trickery.

The Buffalo Bills are playing the Cleveland Browns and in a game devoid of much meaning, the Bills may have had their most fun play of the year. After a pitch to Mike Gillislee, Brandon Tate took a toss around the other side for 30 yards. It was the grab that is garnering the most attention.

Tate didn’t have his eye on the ball the entire time! He was still able to corral it and take it down inside the 10. Tate indirectly contributed to the Bills’ opening drive by drawing a penalty on his punt catch.

After a LeSean McCoy run, Mike Gillislee took the handoff on second and goal and slipped into the end zone over the left guard, Richie Incognito. The Buffalo Bills lead 10-3 following the Dan Carpenter field goal.

Buffalo and Cleveland traded good drives in the first quarter but were only able to come away with field goal despite getting to the opponent’s five-yard line.