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Buffalo Bills survive another week, remain in AFC playoff hunt

The chances of the Bills going to the playoffs aren’t great, but they’re still alive.

With their thorough, 33-13 dismantling of the winless Cleveland Browns, the Buffalo Bills remain alive in the AFC playoff hunt.


Our very own Jeff Hunter — who’s really into and pretty good with numbers — gave some perspective on the team’s chances on Sunday evening:

According to the New York Times Playoff Simulator, right now, Buffalo’s chances are a little higher, at a full 1 percent [insert “so you’re saying there’s a chance .gif].

However, the NYT runs simulations of the remaining games, Jeff’s tweet was just straight math, homie.

With Sunday Night Football and Monday Night Football both featuring NFC teams, those are the playoff odds / chances Buffalo will take into the Christmas Eve rivalry showdown with the Miami Dolphins, currently the AFC’s No. 6 seed.

MRW (the playoff scenario guru) will have much more here on playoff scenarios, rooting interests — you know, the usual — on Rumblings this week.