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Jerry Hughes' down year could be partly blamed on injury

Jerry Hughes has been dealing with an injury since September.

Last week, we discussed the disappearance of Jerry Hughes. The Buffalo Bills linebacker had a monster season in 2013 and 2014, fell off a bit in 2015 with the rest of the defense, but received less and less playing time while making an even smaller impact in 2016. We might have a reason why.

Hughes had a good September, with four sacks in the first four games. Since then, he's had just two. He played less than half of the team's snaps two weeks ago but bounced back with a sack and increased playing time against the Cleveland Browns.

Unfortunately, it does not appear that the hamstring is responding well to treatment. With Hughes taking his frustration to Twitter, perhaps he's letting folks know who have been questioning his production. He has not missed a game in the four years since being acquired via trade from the Indianapolis Colts.

Hs last tweet on the topic didn't seem overly optimistic.