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Nickell Robey-Coleman seeking revenge on Jarvis Landry

Bills have not forgotten Landry’s dirty hit on Aaron Williams.

Nickell Robey-Coleman did not mince words Tuesday in the Bills locker room when The Buffalo News’ Jerry Sullivan spoke with him. Robey-Coleman made it clear that the Bills have not forgotten the dirty hit Jarvis Landry laid on Aaron Williams in Week 7. For those who may have forgotten, Landry hit Williams with an illegal crackback block during the second quarter of the Week 7 clash. Landry was flagged and fined $24,309 by the NFL, while Aaron Williams was hospitalized, has not played since, and may retire due to head and neck injuries.

Robey-Coleman made it clear that the Bills would be getting their payback on Landry this week. “That's a situation that's not going to be dealt with 'til Saturday. The game is going to put that in our hands. I mean, we all know that he gets the ball a lot. The game's going to put us in position to make those type of plays on him.”

For Robey-Coleman this is not just a matter of sticking up for his teammate, it is about playing the game with respect for the other players on the field. “As a true professional, you shouldn't do those things. We got families. We got kids. We got a livelihood. The last thing you want to do is target somebody and take them out." Hopefully, NRC does not do anything dirty, while still managing to get some revenge on Christmas Eve.