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Bills-Dolphins: Second half open thread

We might need more egg nog

The Bills trail the Dolphins 14 - 7 at the half. The Dolphins struck first as Jay Ajayi broke two tackles at the goal line for their first touchdown. The Bills looked to be driving later on in the first, but stalled out and Dan Carpenter missed a 46 yard field goal. Kenyan Drake scored the second Dolphins touchdown by reversing field on a busted play for 45 yards. A few possessions later, the Bills got on the board with a 38 yard bomb from Tyrod Taylor to Sammy Watkins. The Dolphins were in field goal position with less than a minute remaining in the half when Matt Moore laid one up for grabs. Corey White intercepted it in and end zone to preserve the 7 point deficit.

The Dolphins run game has continued to dominate the Bills, just as it did in the first meeting. Seeing Watkins catching a long TD was a welcome sight and something the Bills have been sorely missing recently.

Hopefully your holiday celebrations are starting soon, because it doesn’t look like the Bills are going to give us anything to be cheerful for. If not, it might be time to grab a refill of that egg nog Dan suggested earlier.