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2017 NFL Draft order: Buffalo Bills slotted 12th today

The highest they could finish is ninth

Following the 34-31 loss to the Miami Dolphins, there was one question on every Bills fan's mind: "alright, now that the playoff dream is over, where are they picking in the draft?"

If the season were to end today, the 7-8 Bills would be selecting 12th overall. They are the highest-placed seven-win team, given that their wins came against the easiest strength of schedule among the other seven win teams.

If the Bills were to lose against the 4-11 New York Jets to close out their season, it's possible they could pick as highly as ninth overall. That would require the Carolina Panthers, Philadelphia Eagles, and Arizona Cardinals to win their games. If Buffalo wins, their low strength of schedule will still prop them up in the draft order. They would pick no lower than 15th, as the "weakest" 8-8 team.

There will be a new head coach coordinating this year's draft class, but it will primarily be a reflection of Doug Whaley's stamp on the roster. This is the general manager's latest attempt to build a playoff roster for the Bills, and he apparently has the Pegulas' blessing to go ahead with it, despite the lackluster box score results since he took the helm at One Bills Drive.