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Reggie Bush could set futility record

That would be dubious, for sure.

When the Buffalo Bills added Reggie Bush this August, it was because they needed a punt returner and had the added benefit of a reserve running back and wide receiver who could play a utility role in games. That hasn’t happened an Bush could set a dubious NFL mark this Sunday.

If Bush doesn’t rush for at least three yards on Sunday, he’ll be the first player since the merger with negative rushing yards after at least ten carries in a season. Bush currently sits at negative-three yards on 12 attempts. Bush was okay until his carry in overtime against the Miami Dolphins in Week 16 when he lost eight yards. He has 12 carries on the season including a touchdown in addition to seven receptions for 90 yards, two punt returns, and five kickoff returns.

When he came in, head coach Rex Ryan said they wanted to use him sparingly like a Ferrari. It turns out this Ferrari has only been driven in reverse.