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Buffalo Bills stretch lead to 17-9 on huge LeSean McCoy run

Now that’s how you start a half!

The Buffalo Bills, coming out of the first half with a narrow 10-9 lead, didn’t take long to establish some breathing room in the second half.

On Buffalo’s first play from scrimmage following the opening kickoff, LeSean McCoy took a handoff, set up a block from tight end Nick O’Leary, and turned on the afterburners to stretch the play into a 54 yard run.

On the next snap, Tyrod Taylor fooled the entire defense with a naked bootleg run, and the Bills finished one of their easiest touchdown drives of the year to extend the lead to 17-9. It was a great fake handoff inside on the read-option and an easy touchdown.

The entire sequence is reminiscent of last week when McCoy went 75 yards on the opening play before Tyrod knocked it home to start the second half. Buffalo went on to win the game a week ago. Let’s hope they can do the same thing today.