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Jacoby Brissett 2016 NFL Draft scouting notes: Two-look Tuesday

In our Two-look Tuesday series, Dan Lavoie and another Buffalo Rumblings community member break down tape on a 2016 NFL Draft prospect. Today's subject: NC State quarterback Jacoby Brissett.

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Welcome back to Two-look Tuesday! Here at Buffalo Rumblings, we like to keep an open mind on 2016 NFL Draft prospects, knowing that there are members of the writing staff and community with different backgrounds and skills to collectively evaluate. That's why we're bringing in guests to help break down prospects for you.

This is a stream-of-consciousness series, where two viewers watch the same cut-up, write notes as we're viewing, and then deliver some short thoughts following the conclusion of the game. Two people may watch the same video and come out with different conclusions - or they may find themselves in total agreement. With the added perspective, we hope you'll join in with your own thoughts on the players we scout.

This week's guest is Jeff Hunter, who has been writing for Buffalo Rumblings since the 2015 offseason. Since Jeff is located near NC State, we decided to both look at Wolfpack quarterback Jacoby Brissett, in his game against No. 2 Clemson from this season. I had already watched this game a couple months ago as I began evaluating quarterbacks, while this was Jeff's first viewing. Jeff's notes lead, and mine follow.

Jeff's notes

  • Stared down receivers early on
  • Made a good play to escape a sack and dump off to the RB
  • Looks a lot closer to Karlos Williams than Tyrod Taylor as a runner
  • Lost a fumble trying to force a pass after escaping a sack
  • Needs to learn how to take a sack
  • Rolls out a lot…not sure if it’s because his pass protection is weak or something else
  • Always seems to make the first defender miss, both in and out of the pocket
  • He’s pretty good as a runner
  • Just tried to force a throw into triple coverage with no pressure
  • Not a great deep ball
  • He’s missed a few guys by a pretty good distance, especially when he throws on the run
  • Had the presence of mind to throw past the sticks on 4th and 8, but it took a great play by the receiver to make the catch
  • Just forced another throw into triple coverage with no pressure, but it went for a TD
  • He’s done a pretty good job all game of making sure to put the ball where the defender can’t get to it
  • Way too antsy in the pocket…pulls the ball down with plenty of space to work with
  • Just made a very nice escape to keep the play alive and hit his receiver 20 yards downfield with a defender around his ankles
  • He’s thrown a lot of incompletions where he’s missing either far too low or far too high
  • Hits his short and mid-range throws from a clean pocket
  • Still struggling to throw on the run
  • Overthrew his receiver on fourth and goal…two feet lower and it was a touchdown
  • Top-notch elusiveness for a guy his size (6’4", 235)

When I was watching this tape, the name that kept coming to mind was E.J. Manuel.  He was great size, and moves very well for a big guy, but as a passer he seems overwhelmed. Clemson is a tough defense, and his pass protection was sorely lacking at times, but even when he had a clean pocket he was sensing rushers that weren’t there. His throws tended to pull low most of the time, and he’s scattershot when throwing 20+ yards downfield. He needs a lot of work, and even then I don’t see him becoming a contributor in the NFL..

Dan's notes

  • First pass, thrown on the rollout, a bit underthrown.
  • First pressure attempt on 3rd down. Steps up past first man, while wrapped up by two guys, tosses to his RB and almost gets the 1st down.
  • 4th and 2, option look and he fakes the toss before keeping and running in the TD. Nice subtle head fake.
  • Play action, 1st down, high-low read type. Ball a bit underthrown but in no way could the defender get it.
  • Ooh, I like this 2nd and 8 play. Play action, set up his lineman's block, turn the other way and throw into the open receiver in stride.
  • Brissett keeps and then shovels to his RB, that doesn't really do anything.
  • When his running back whiffs a block, Brissett uses a nifty spin move to come free. Attempting to throw the ball, a second man forces a fumble by hitting his arm.
  • 3rd and 9, 16-13 Clemson. Brissett stands in the pocket and throws... at nobody. I'm guessing a missed read.
  • 1st and 10 play, Brissett doesn't see a blitzing corner. Spins out of a tackle and throws the ball away as he's coming down.
  • Another nice option run for five yards.
  • Brissett didn't seem to read this blitzing safety on 3rd down either, but he follows his primary read when it's picked up, and delivers into a small window for first down.
  • 3rd and 15 and we air it out. Ball is a couple yards out of bounds, receiver wasn't open either way.
  • Brissett with a 20 yard out throw on the run. Guy is not lacking in firepower.
  • Another play action rollout backwards pass catches Clemson off guard and gets a touchdown.
  • I'm not sure but I believe I just saw Brissett manipulate a secondary with his eyes in completing a short pass.
  • Brissett is not afraid to make some stupid decisions with some passes. Shovels to the running back and passes in the teeth of free defenders come to mind. He definitely trusts his arm and all, but some of these should be intercepted.
  • Brissett is again pressured but sneaks out of the tackle, but a blitzing defender wraps him up with more assistance from teammates.
  • On a PA rollout, Brissett has a free defender but steps up and dodges it.
  • Brissett's pocket movement is awkward but he definitely is hard to bring down. I've made the Big Ben comparison and I like it. He's raw but in that same style.
  • Brissett's arm talent is good. He's capable of throwing without moving feet if necessary, using his shoulders and hips to generate velocity and accuracy.
  • Dangerous throw near triple coverage. Clemson is now up 20 points and he might just be trying to generate big plays.
  • Deep throw is well placed but the receiver can't track it.
  • Not seeing a lot of throws up the seam, he's mostly attacking the sideline.
  • I should note at some point that Clemson was the 2nd best team in the NCAA this year and NC State... doesn't really have draftable prospects this year. So his team is definitely overmatched.
  • Brissett appears to have some sense of touch for deeper throws. A few pretty arcs being thrown.
  • He just hit another one perfectly thrown to cut the lead to 56-41.
  • Brissett, pressured, buys time and exits the pocket but his throw is too low.
  • Brissett is staring his receiver down the whole way but in man coverage the throw is okay.
  • Unblocked blitzing defender and Brissett has to throw the ball away.
  • Another blitz incoming, more unblocked players, and this time Brissett just folds.
  • 3rd and 18, Brissett just got a holy crap play. No one open, he buys time leaving the pocket to the sideline, steps out of a tackle while staying inbounds, then throws a dart to his receiver for the first down.
  • 2nd and ten and Brissett should've had a TD, his receiver didn't adjust to the pass he threw on the move.
  • Another pass moves the chains and it's now 1st and goal.
  • On 3rd and goal, another unblocked defender. Brissett is being chased by three guys,dodges back, and throws an incompletion.
  • Fourth and goal and he throws a high pass that hits his receiver's hands but bounces away. In the NFL that might be a TD.
  • Still down by 15 with 2 minutes left. First down, a deep throw is almost picked off.
  • The NC State offense is pretty much in fall-apart mode now, on 3rd and 24. It appears that none of NC State's receivers can win against man coverage, because Clemson has gotten away with blitzes all night.

This game against Clemson is something that I consider very emblematic of Brissett as a prospect, based on the other film of his I've seen. Brissett is an athletic prototype, uses the entirety of his 6'4" 235 pound body to escape tackles, and has a strong arm that he can work to his advantage. He's also reckless, attempts throws that he can't complete or that might hurt his receivers. I'm not sure how far along his defense-reading is. He's slow to move through progressions, and he appeared to have a real problem in this game with identifying a blitzing defender and delivering the ball to his appropriate hot read.

And yet I remain enticed. I've seen him complete some absolute WOW plays on the field, and I believe he has an instinct for making something out of nothing when the play breaks down. If the Bills believe he can master the cerebral parts of the position and rein in some of his recklessness, I think he can be a dangerous future starter, but only if a team gives him a patient approach.