All the real potentials for Cap Savings

Now that it looks like Buffalo has made the first easy cap saving moves and have saved themselves 7.5 million the question I was thinking was what other moves could save them cap space. I looked at to see what their numbers are on the Bills Salary Cap and the Player numbers. I decided to run the list of player moves that could save us at least 1 million dollars.

The Players that everyone have been talking about

1) Mario Williams - you cut him and you have $12.9 million in cap savings (7 million in dead money) - Likely

2) Leodis McKelvin - you cut him you have $3.0 million in savings - restructured contract is likely

3) Corey Graham - you cut him you have $2.675 million in savings - restructured contract is likely

Now the Players that are not being discussed

1) Kyle Williams - $8 million on the cap vs. $3 million in dead space Buffalo could save $5 million - I would call this unlikely unless during training camp he shows that he has not recovered from some of his injuries, then they could make him a post June 1 cut and it would spread the dead money over two season.

2) Eric Wood - $6.725 cap number vs. $3.125 in dead space, could save $3.125 million - Won't happen too important to the o-line

3) Manny Lawson - $3.4 million cap vs. $750K in dead space, could save $2.65 million - unlikely, but with it being the final year of his contract perhaps a candidate for an extention

4) Tyrod Taylor - $3.1 million cap vs. $233K in dead space, could save $2.9 million - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA no not gonna happen new contract is more likely

5) Dan Carpenter - $2.8 million vs. about $1 million in dead space, savings of about $1.8 million - depending on who is brought into camp could be a post June 1 cut.

6) Kraig Urbik - $2.265 million vs. $850k in dead space , savings of $1.415 million - total wild card - I don't think he gets cut, unless he is beaten out for a job, last year of his contract so could be an extension candidate. My guess is Buffalo doesn't do anything with his contract

7) Robert Woods - $1.548 vs. $480K just over a million in savings - not gonna happen

8) Boobie Dixon - $1.3 million vs. $166K - little over $1.2 million in savings - not likely, but could lose job.

9) Jarius Wynn - $1.125 million vs. $125k - million in savings - no a cut for salary cap but will have to earn his roster spot depending on free agency and draft.

10) Stephon Gilmore - ~$11 million no dead space if cut before the start of the year - not going to happen team will work on a new contract.

So that is it nobody else on the roster would command a savings of more than 1 million if they were to be cut. Guys like Jerome Felton who's name I have seen kicked around would be almost a wash, E.J. Manuel is fully guaranteed so no point there, etc.

For me the only "Safe" Guys to me are Eric Wood, Tyrod Taylor, and Stephon Gilmore. Everyone else anything from out right cut, contract extension, or not making the team is possible.

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