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Super Bowl 50 live chat: first quarter open thread

Finally, Super Bowl 50 has arrived. We're talking about the first quarter of the Denver Broncos versus the Carolina Panthers right here.

Super Bowl 50 is finally here, and the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers are just moments (at the time this was published) from kicking off the NFL's annual championship game from Santa Clara, California.

Before the game started, the NFL trotted out the various MVPs from all 49 previous Super Bowls - omitting Buffalo Bills legend Thurman Thomas, who we all recognize as the true MVP of Super Bowl XXV - and Lady Gaga eked her way through the national anthem.

Now that the pre-game falderal is over with, Peyton Manning and Cam Newton hit the field to square off against their opponents' respective play-making defenses. Manning, the one-time Super Bowl MVP, must try to overcome a big-play Panthers defense to win one more ring before he rides off into the sunset. Newton, the current league MVP and probably a future Super Bowl MVP himself, squares off against the league's No. 1-ranked defense, coordinated by former Bills head coach Wade Phillips.

This is your open thread for the first quarter of Super Bowl 50. Who are you rooting for, Bills fans?