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Buffalo Bills well-represented at Christian Hackenberg pro day

The dots between the Bills and Hackenberg are seemingly connected at every available opportunity

This is the time of the year when scouts from every NFL team show up at every major pro day, so it's not especially surprising that the Buffalo Bills sent representatives to take in the Penn State pro day on Thursday.

What may be interesting about it is that they had a lot of reps at the pro day, that the Bills' owner, Terry Pegula, has ties to the program, and that the Nittany Lions have produced a talented quarterback prospect for the 2016 NFL Draft.

The Bills have also been at the Ohio State, Alabama, Auburn, and Georgia pro days this week, just to name the big ones. Very little was made of their appearances at those events - save for a picture of Bills quarterbacks coach David Lee speaking with Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones, I suppose - and for good reason. This is a thing every team does.

And yet, every time someone employed by the Bills is in the same county as Christian Hackenberg, it's pointed out. It makes you wonder if the reporters doing this are hearing that there's strong interest in Hackenberg from the Bills, and are connecting those dots every chance they have.

Practically, however, there isn't much to learn from what transpired yesterday. Apparently, Hackenberg threw the ball well, but that, too, is a highly regular thing to happen at a pro day.

Now, if word leaks that the Bills have invited Hackenberg to One Bills Drive for a pre-draft visit? That has a bit more meaning, given the team's proclivity for vetting players they want to draft with those visits.