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Doug Whaley, Kelvin Fisher attend Kevin Hogan, Stanford pro day

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Already connected with Stanford quarterback Kevin Hogan, the Bills continued their due diligence by attending his pro day on Thursday

Christian Hackenberg isn't the only quarterback whose name seems to keep coming up in connection with the Buffalo Bills. We have already heard a report that the Bills like Stanford quarterback Kevin Hogan, as they interviewed him at the Senior Bowl and held an informal meeting at the Combine.

Buffalo continued the process on Thursday by sending Doug Whaley and director of college scouting Kelvin Fisher to Stanford's pro day, according to Tony Pauline:

Quarterback Kevin Hogan threw the ball well and was on point and accurate with his passes throughout the workout. I'm told while he still has a slight wind-up, Hogan's delivery is significantly more compact than it was last season or during the Senior Bowl and much better than the Combine. I mentioned a while ago the Buffalo Bills like Hogan, and it should come as no surprise that general manager Doug Whaley and director of college scouting were on hand.

The news about Hogan's release is encouraging, since his elongated motion is by far the biggest negative with his game. At this point, given Buffalo's tendency to heavily vet their potential picks, it's a safe bet to lock Hogan onto Buffalo's watchlist.

Hogan wasn't the only prospect to work out on Thursday. Tight end Austin Hooper reportedly ran a 4.65-second 40-yard dash and caught the ball well, though teams are concerned about his blocking. Wide receiver Devon Cajuste continued to display awesome athleticism for his size, improving his 40-yard dash into the 4.44-4.54 range (he ran a 4.62 at the Combine). The Cardinal also feature linebacker Blake Martinez, offensive guard Joshua Garnett, and offensive tackle Kyle Murphy.