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2016 NFL Draft order: Buffalo Bills have eight picks

The full NFL Draft order has been released and we know where Buffalo is picking in each round.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The complete NFL Draft order is set.Barring any trades, the Buffalo Bills will have picks in almost every round of this year's selection meeting and extra picks thanks to compensatory selections awarded.

You'll notice on the chart below, the Bills are missing their seventh round selection. That pick was shipped to the Minnesota Vikings a year ago as part of a package in exchange for Matt Cassell. While Cassell was subsequently traded to the Dallas Cowboys, only picks from the 2017 draft were included from both teams.

Also of note, because the Bills finished with the same 8-8 record as the Atlanta Falcons and the Indianapolis Colts, they will rotate in the draft order through each round. The Bills will pick last of those three teams in the first round do to a higher strength of schedule. Buffalo moves up one spot in round two, move up again in round three, then drops back down to their original order position in round four as the rotation starts over again.

Compensatory picks are not eligible to be traded until 2017, so they are noted below. Here is the complete list of Bills draft picks:

Round Pick Overall Notes
1 19 19
2 18 49
3 17 80
4 19 117
4 41 139 Compensatory pick
5 18 156
6 17 192
6 43 218 Compensatory pick