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Buffalo Bills plans for No. 2 wide receiver job, stadium in 2022

In which we take a stab at figuring out the team's long-term stadium plans and No. 2 wideout plans

Buffalo Bills fans have lots of questions this time of year, and we can only attempt to cobble together answers for those questions. That's exactly what's about to happen in this week's edition of the Buffalo Rumblings Mailbag, which features inquiries about the team's plans for the No. 2 receiver role, and their long-term stadium plans.

As always, we encourage everyone to submit questions for the mailbag via Twitter. We'll answer questions right here in the comments section, as well.

We've known for weeks that the team would like to bring Percy Harvin back into the mix, and that appears to still be the case, with Pro Football Talk reporting yesterday that the Bills have an offer on the table to him. Harvin would be a clear talent upgrade over the existing group on the roster, which is likely driving the Bills' interest.

The Bills approach roster building this way: they try to build competitive depth everywhere, and then add highly-talented players when and where they can. My opinion is that the Bills feel comfortable with their mix of players behind Sammy Watkins, starting obviously with Robert Woods, to the point that they believe they'll be able to find a functional playing time rotation if they roll with the players on hand. But if they can find an obvious upgrade - like Harvin would be, or if they view a draft prospect in a similar light - at the right price, they may pull the trigger.

So, to answer this question, I think it'll depend on circumstances at other positions, and whether or not the Bills see a genuine upgrade available at the right time. But trying to add more receiver talent will almost certainly be on the table.

My guess would be in a new stadium - and if not there, then in Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Despite the fairly aggressive rhetoric going back and forth between Erie County and the NFL ownership right now, and despite the fact that the Bills themselves clearly have a new stadium on the back burner at the moment, it's hard to forget what Kim and Terry Pegula said about a new stadium immediately after they purchased the Bills back in October of 2014. Terry Pegula said: "There's going to be a new stadium somewhere." Kim Pegula said: "We want to make sure that when the time comes, that we have done our homework."

The Bills have never denied that they're interested in a new stadium; they may just try to milk as much remaining life out of The Ralph as they can before moving on. That, to me, makes a new Bills stadium a matter of when, not if.