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Buffalo Bills free agency: Cordy Glenn signs franchise tender

There was no teeth-pulling this time around. Buffalo's left tackle signed his franchise tender shortly after being tagged by the Bills.

Buffalo Bills left tackle Cordy Glenn has signed his franchise tender, per a tweet from his agent.

The move had been expected, and it ensures that Glenn will be on the Bills roster for at least one more season.

It's important to note that signing the franchise tender does not put an end to negotiations for this offseason. The July 15 deadline for tagged players to sign long-term deals is in effect whether they sign the tender or not, so both sides can continue to work on a deal until that date. As Ty Dunne of The Buffalo News notes, history favors a contract extension:

The team has spent the last few days shedding some contracts to increase their salary cap space, and they can create even more by finishing a long-term extension. Buffalo Rumblings' own Tom Mitchell projected what a long-term deal might look like, and needless to say anything close to that contract would create plenty of additional space to refill the depth at running back, cornerback, and the interior line. It would also help meet the contract demands of Glenn's neighbor on the line, Richie Incognito.

Hopefully, there will be another tweet in the near future with an even bigger smile on Glenn's face.