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2016 NFL Draft: Buffalo Bills Round 1 video preview

Our resident draft expert, Dan Lavoie, assesses draft prospects and the Bills' Round 1 intentions in video format

With two weeks remaining until Round 1 of the 2016 NFL Draft, the Buffalo Bills have had a slew of pre-draft visitors and attended pro days left and right. While the team organizes their thoughts in the final push to the annual selection meeting, we are going to do the same. It starts with our most recent Facebook Live video, featuring our NFL Draft editor, Dan Lavoie.

Dan hits on the list of draft prospects that have been linked to One Bills Drive by pre-draft visits to the facility, goes through his favorite first-round candidates, and hits on trade up and down possibilities before going through almost every position group to give you a Cliff Notes version of the top prospects. Quarterback discussion is featured, and there is even a little kicker conversation, so you know we're being thorough.

While we took a question or two live from the Facebook comments section, most of the questions were written ahead of time. Stay tuned in the weeks ahead for more interactive chances to have your draft questions answered by Buffalo Rumblings.

Buffalo Bills Draft Preview 4/12/16

Posted by on Tuesday, April 12, 2016