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Jack Conklin drawing interest from Buffalo Bills pre-2016 NFL Draft

Conklin would slide in at right tackle and solidify the Bills' starting five up front, if chosen

Michigan State offensive tackle Jack Conklin told SiriusXM NFL Radio on Tuesday that the Buffalo Bills are among the many teams that he has visited and/or worked out for in the process leading up to the 2016 NFL Draft.

The 21-year-old Conklin (he'll turn 22 in August), a three-year starter at left tackle for the Spartans, is considered one of the best tackle prospects available in this year's draft class. He has particularly caught the interest of fans that support teams like the Bills - whose offensive identities focus on physicality and the running game - because he is, arguably, the best run-blocking tackle to be found this year.

His playing style and athleticism would make him a great fit at right tackle in Greg Roman's offense, and the Bills just so happen to have a bit of a muddled situation at that position. That said, there's no guarantee that he'll even be available when the Bills pick at No. 19 overall.

We're adding Conklin's name to the list of reported Bills pre-draft visitors, which hasn't - and won't be - confirmed by the team.