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Buffalo Rumblings community mock draft order

The Tennessee Titans, and general manager gregeng, are now on the clock!

It's time to kick off the second Buffalo Rumblings community mock draft! If you were the first person to comment about claiming a particular team in the previous thread, congratulations on your hiring. Below, the Round 1 order is listed along with the team's "GM" and the date that the pick is due.

IF YOU ARE A GM: you can make picks one of two ways. One: simply keep track of the front page on your given day and send in a pick and short explanation via email when you're on the clock. Two: if you're busy the day your pick is due, send a board of 2-4 players to and, if you're unavailable to make your pick, we'll default to the top guy on your board for the pick, then wait for your explanation later.

Pick Number Team General Manager Pick date
1 Tennessee Titans gregeng Tues 4/5/2016
2 Cleveland Browns Good Apollo Tues 4/5/2016


San Diego Chargers Hornell Fred Tues 4/5/2016
4 Dallas Cowboys bataviabill Wed 4/6/2016
5 Jacksonville Jaguars lzlye Wed 4/6/2016
6 Baltimore Ravens RocJeff Wed 4/6/2016
7 San Francisco 49ers grcorrie Thu 4/7/2016
8 Philadelphia Eagles Kello Thu 4/7/2016
9 Tampa Bay Buccaneers OnTheRise Thu 4/7/2016
10 New York Giants Mr. Marbles
Fri 4/8/2016
11 Chicago Bears Josh Rawdin Fri 4/8/2016
12 New Orleans Saints BuckyBronson Fri 4/8/2016
13 Miami Dolphins Grif Sat 4/9/2016
14 Oakland Raiders bossdog123 Sat 4/9/2016
15 Los Angeles Rams BuffaloBillyGoat Sat 4/9/2016
16 Detroit Lions Dana H Sun 4/10/2016
17 Atlanta Falcons KyleCop Sun 4/10/2016
18 Indianapolis Colts Blown Coverage Sun 4/10/2016
19 Buffalo Bills BillsMafia5 Mon 4/11/2016
20 New York Jets ismileback13 Mon 4/11/2016
21 Washington Redskins JV bills Mon 4/11/2016
22 Houston Texans Joe the Butcher Tues 4/12/2016
23 Minnesota Vikings stevemason Tues 4/12/2016
24 Cincinnati Bengals Dan Lavoie Tues 4/12/2016
25 Pittsburgh Steelers HardcoreBillsFan_37 Wed 4/13/2016
26 Seattle Seahawks Stabby McShank Wed 4/13/2016
27 Green Bay Packers goorange23 Wed 4/13/2016
28 Kansas City Chiefs cush2push Thu 4/14/2016
29 Arizona Cardinals Jeff Hunter Thu 4/14/2016
30 Carolina Panthers MBJBills28 Thu 4/14/2016
31 Denver Broncos Anthony Marino Fri 4/15/2016