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2016 NFL mock draft: Myles Jack to Dallas Cowboys

The Jacksonville Jaguars, and general manager lzlye, are now on the clock!

With the fourth pick in the 2016 Buffalo Rumblings Community Mock, the Dallas Cowboys (represented by bataviabill) have selected Myles Jack, linebacker from UCLA. Here's what he had to say about the pick:

It isn't often that two of the best players available (LB Myles Jack and DE Joey Bosa) match the two biggest needs on your team, but before I went that route I also had to consider the fact that Tony Romo is turning 36 and coming off back and shoulder injuries. Since the Cowboys don't often pick in the top 5, I wouldn't be surprised if they took a careful look at a possible QB successor.

Jerry Jones has already said that he wouldn't pick a QB at #4, then promptly brought Wentz, Goff and Lynch in for workouts which makes me think that he is angling to trade down and get one of the three. I think that Wentz and Goff are talented but not sure-fire top 5 picks so barring trades I stuck with the BPA at position of need strategy, which brings us back to Bosa and Jack.

Multiple draft opinions of Bosa seem to talk up his excellent technique but not his athleticism which makes me wonder if he may have reached his ceiling already. Myles on the other hand seems to have unlimited potential as a - pardon the pun - Jack of all trades LB. Put him together with Sean Lee (and hopefully a resurgent McClain) and the middle of the Cowboys defense might become as dominant as their O-line.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are now on the clock. Remember, when it's your turn to submit a draft choice, email it to

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