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Jim Kelly on Buffalo Bills injuries, Rex Ryan playoff ultimatum

While people were focused on his comments about Rex Ryan needing to make the playoffs, much more interesting concerns are buried in Jim Kelly's talking points from the Jim Rome Show.

Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

When Jim Kelly was on the Jim Rome Show this week, most Buffalo Bills fans immediately latched onto his comments concerning Rex Ryan and his rumored playoff ultimatum. But when you take a deeper look at the entirety of the interview, Kelly focused on other parts of the Bills much more than the coach.

"I think Rex will probably be looking for another job. I think everybody knows that including Rex," Hall of Famer Jim Kelly told Jim Rome this week in the most-repeated sound bite from the show. Two sentences take over what he spent multiple paragraphs discussing.

"On paper, yeah, we look great, and we should be a very good team, but you cannot go to the playoffs, you cannot win championships when you're spending most of your time in the training room," said Kelly.

Then he turned his attention to specific players, starting right at the top.

"Tyrod Taylor, he's got to stay healthy," continued Kelly. "We cannot afford for your top quarterback to go down and miss a quarter of the games or half the season. Your top players, your starters that make a difference on defense, those guys got to stay on the football field. They can't be on the injured reserve list."

Last season, Taylor missed two games after spraining his ankle against the Tennessee Titans. Buffalo went 0-2 in his absence. Other key starters missed more significant time like LeSean McCoy (missed four games), Percy Harvin (missed 11 games), Sammy Watkins (missed three games), Robert Woods (missed two games), Charles Clay (missed three games), Nigel Bradham (missed five games), Aaron Williams (missed 13 games), Stephon Gilmore (missed four games) and Kyle Williams (missed 10 games).

"We got a heck of a football team, but you can't win if you're not on the football field competing and playing," Kelly continued. "So I just hope we stay healthy, because if we do and we don't make it, there's no excuses whatsoever. I think we have the team to do it, I hope we do, I'm excited about this year."

So while people are really focused on the Rex comments, it's clear he's much more concerned about the training staff.