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Rumblings Housekeeping: Community Guidelines reminder

Wanted to do some quick but necessary site housekeeping to get started. In Community Guidelines, Brian outlined how use all the features as a Rumblings member and what won't be tolerated.

I've gone through each regulation set in place by him, and everything seems logical.

By now, most of you know how to post a comment, write a FanShot etc., but I’m not sure how often users click on the Community Guidelines tab, so I wanted to post a reminder mainly to get the “Rules of the Road" back to the forefront.

When it doubt about what you can / should post...come back to this article or find the Community Guidelines link on the right side of the site, it’s purposely directly under the “Write a Fanpost” and “Create a FanShot” options.

Ok. You now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

Keep Rumbling.