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Karlos Williams 20 pounds overweight at Buffalo Bills minicamp

Blaming your fiancee might not end well on the homefront...

Buffalo Bills running back Karlos Williams recently became a father again, so that’s good. Unfortunately, he’s blaming his fiancee’s pregnancy cravings for coming into minicamp 20 pounds overweight, so that’s bad.

“It’s going to require some work, some discipline in the meal room. That’s something that I have to do. I’m a professional,” Williams told the assembled media this week. “Being with my pregnant fiancée, when she ate, I ate, so it was kind of hard dealing with that, but the coaches and the strength and conditioning coaches are behind me, so it’s not going to be a problem.”

Listed at 230 on the team’s website, Williams is supposedly up to 250 pounds right now. Head coach Rex Ryan noticed and put Williams to work with the strength and conditioning staff during minicamp to get him back on track.

“I don’t think it’s going to be easy,” Ryan said. "Obviously he’s had some personal things. We do have to be slow with him. That’s why I wasn’t going to put him out there full speed. He went through some individual drills and things, but we put him with Eric Ciano our strength coach and we tried to get him going a little bit.”

Williams’ teammates expressed support for him, as well. Tyrod Taylor thinks “he’ll get back to where he needs to be” but linebacker Preston Brown had the best comments on the matter. He took to Twitter to razz his teammate:

Ouchville: population, Karlos Williams. And it didn’t stop there.

There was a fun-filled Twitter exchange between the two around a pair of Ugg boots, which one of the pair was faster, and other shenanigans. It’s good to see Williams taking it in stride. He also wanted to make sure everyone knew he was taking it seriously.

“Since (my fiancée’s pregnancy) is over with, she knows what time it is,” said Williams. “It’s football time again. (I’m) getting back in football shape and getting ready for training camp.”