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Buffalo Bisons running a Deflategate promo night at the ballpark

There is no love lost for Tom Brady in Buffalo.

NFL: Super Bowl XLIX-New England Patriots vs Seattle Seahawks Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

It's been more than 500 days since the "Deflategate" scandal came to light, and with no resolution in sight, you would think some fatigue would have set in. You would be wrong.

The Buffalo Bisons, the Triple-A minor league baseball team in town, are running a promo on June 11th directly related to New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's under-inflated footballs.

  • Buy-one, get-one free tickets to anyone who brings a "properly inflated" football to be donated to local youth football leagues.
  • A receptacle for "un-destroyed cell phones" to be donated to "Cell Phones for Soldiers."
  • A 12.5-percent discount at the team store for adding Tom Brady jerseys to the postgame fireworks display.
  • Scoreboard videos displaying sports' greatest cheaters.
  • Anyone named "Tom" or "Brady" will be allowed in for free but will be suspended from watching the first four innings of the game with no appeals.

Holy crap, that's funny.

The properly inflated footballs are in reference to the genesis of the investigation from under-inflated footballs being used by the Patriots. The cell phone collection stems from the investigation, where Brady destroyed his cell phone after the NFL requested access and told the NFL he does that routinely for security purposes. The most genius part of the promo is the 12.5-percent discount at the team store. 12.5 just so happens to be the minimum PSI reading to which NFL footballs are supposed to be inflated. Brady has been suspended for four games, leading to the final hilarious bullet point.

Minor league baseball tams often run promotional nights to get more fans in the seats with giveaways or added entertainment. The Bisons' promotion is in direct response to the Pawtucket Red Sox, who are promoting their June 10th game as "Free Tom Brady" night. You can read more about that sad event here.

Buffalo has long been a favorite target of Brady, who has beaten the hometown Bills 25 times in 28 contests over the span of his career as a starting quarterback. He also blasted Buffalo hotel rooms in 2012. It's finally time to get back at him off the field because, well, it hasn't worked out so great on the field.