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Voting open for the classic Buffalo Bills games on Youtube

The choices for the classic Bills games to be made available on Youtube are limited to the Super Bowl era, but the five choices seem like good ones.

Rick Stewart/Getty Images

A few weeks ago, we ran a poll asking the community which three classic Buffalo Bills games the league should pick for the team to make available on Youtube.

It turns out the league had the same idea.

A poll is up on the Bills' Facebook page, giving fans five choices for the three games they want to see. As some might have been able to guess, all five games come from the 1990-1994 Super Bowl era (sorry, AFL fans).

The choices are:

  1. 1990 AFC Championship Game - Jim Kelly passed for a clean 300 yards and two touchdowns to James Lofton while Thurman Thomas chipped in 138 and a TD of his own. The defense forced seven (!) turnovers en route to a 51-3 manhandling of the Oakland Raiders and earned a trip to the first Super Bowl in franchise history.
  2. 1992 AFC Championship Game - A relative off-day from Kelly (177 yards, 1 TD, 2 INT) gave way to five Steve Christie field goals. On the other side of the ball, the Bills harassed Dan Marino in his final AFC Championship appearance, sacking him four times and intercepting him twice on the way to a 29-10 victory and their third straight Super Bowl appearance.
  3. 1992 AFC Wild Card Game - The Comeback. Need I say more?
  4. 1994 AFC Championship Game - This game was supposed to be all about Joe Montana leading his Kansas City Chiefs team into a Super Bowl, but Thurman apparently wasn't too interested in seeing that play out. In a game for the ages, Number 34 ran for 186 yards and three touchdowns. Montana was knocked out of the game early in the second half, and Dave Krieg couldn't keep the Chiefs moving after some early success. The Bills won, 30-13, and punched their ticket to the Super Bowl for the fourth year in a row.
  5. 1992 Week 2 - Better known as the "No-Punt Game", this one earned a lot of recommendations in the comments section of the last poll we ran. Both Kelly and Steve Young topped 400 yards in the air with three touchdowns, and both teams had two receivers go over the century mark (amazingly, Jerry Rice was not one of them; he only caught three passes for 26 yards). The Bills were down 11 at the half, but two early second-half touchdown grabs by Pete Metzelaars helped the team to a 34-31 victory.
Before you ask: yes, I'm aware that neither of the 1992 playoff games actually happened in 1992, and that the 1994 AFC Championship was a part of the 1993 NFL season. I just copied what was on the team page, inconsistent labeling and all.

Anyway, there are your five choices. As it stands right now, the first three games are in the lead but the third AFC Championship is only slightly ahead of the No-Punt Game, 11% to 9%. I don't know exactly how long the poll is going to be up, but head over to the team's Facebook and vote for whichever game you want to re-live through the magic of the Internet.