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Checking in on the Bills' undrafted free agents

Of the original class of fourteen, eleven remain. Do any of them have a chance at earning a roster spot?

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The Buffalo Bills wrangled up a 14-man undrafted free agent class in the hours after the 2016 NFL Draft. As is usually the case, most of these players aren't going to make the team; in fact, several have already been released.

Of course, it's possible that one or more will make the 53-man roster, possibly even contributing now or sometime down the road. With that in mind, here's a look at the Bills' UDFA class, ranked in order of the possibility that they'll still have a roster spot when the team travels to Baltimore in week one.

Already released: CB Julian Whigham, OT Keith Lumpkin, DE Claudell Louis

10. LS Reid Ferguson (LSU) - This sums up all you need to know about Ferguson's chances at making the squad. It's also worth noting that Garrison Sanborn is considered one of the better long snappers in the league, so the odds of him falling off the roster are unlikely.

9. WR Gary Chambers (Arizona State)/WR Davonte Allen (Marshall) - It's a bad sign when your position coach doesn't even mention your name when giving a rundown of the players at his position. The Bills may be lacking a clear number three receiver, but they have a glut of options to round out the bottom of the field. That doesn't bode well for the UDFAs.

8. LB Bryson Albright (Miami OH) - Things have been quiet around the fairly well-regarded hybrid linebacker, which doesn't bode well considering the competition he's facing at the OLB position. He's a fine practice squad candidate.

7. G/C Jamison Lalk (Iowa State) - Lalk has plenty of competition for a role as a backup interior lineman, a job that doesn't have too many openings. He also suffered an injury during the mandatory minicamp, which is enough of a setback to cost an undrafted rookie his roster spot.

6. OT Marquis Lucas (West Virginia) - Lucas had a solid career with the Mountaineers, especially as a pass blocker. That said, the Bills signed two offensive tackles last week. It's possible they could be nervous about Seantrel Henderson's battle with Crohn's Disease, but it's still not a good sign for Lucas.

5. K Marshall Morgan (Georgia) - Many fans were hoping that the Bills would be able to land a kicker to push Dan Carpenter for his job after a season that saw him lose his standing as one of the better kickers in the league. It doesn't seem like Morgan, however, is the man to do it.

4. G/C Robert Kugler (Purdue) - The Western New York native and four-year starter with the Boilermakers has his work cut out for him but definitely has the talent and experience to eventually earn a spot on the roster. Of course, it's likely that his dream will take a detour to the practice squad this season.

3. FB Glenn Gronkowski (Kansas State) - There was a lot of hype around "Baby Gronk" when he decided to head home to start his NFL career, and he does have some talent as an H-back type if he can develop consistency with his hands, which he never really showed off with the Wildcats. That said, the Bills have a fairly pricey fullback in the roster already in Jerome Felton. If Gronk can carve out a role on special teams, or if they decide to part ways with Felton with two years left on his contract, he can earn a spot on the 53-man roster,. If not, he might find himself snapped up on to another team's roster.

2. LB Eric Striker (Oklahoma) - Striker is another player who earned a lot of hype coming out of school, both for his excellence on the field and the emotional video of him speaking to his family when it became clear he wouldn't be drafted. That said, the most noteworthy thing he's done as a Bill is question the quality of the area's chicken wings. Even with the rise of IK Enempkali, there's room for a high-motor edge rusher like Striker, despite his small stature. He's the kind of player the fourth preseason game was made for, one who has to fight for the last possible place on the roster.

1. DT Justin Zimmer (Ferris State) - It's not often that D-II players earn chances to make an NFL roster, so when the Bills tabbed Zimmer from the tiny Ferris State in central Michigan, it turned some heads. His measurables coming out of school were off the charts, and he's been one of the only UDFAs to earn some ink in the team's minicamp sessions. With stalwart tackle Kyle Williams coming off an injury and nearing the end of his career, it's possible that Zimmer could become his heir apparent as the underrated defensive tackle to make a career in Buffalo. At the very least, he has a real chance at making the roster this season.