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Bills rookies get taste of Buffalo chicken wings

The Bills UDFAs went to Duff's and one chose sauces very poorly.

About a month ago, undrafted free agent Eric Striker met with the Buffalo media and made a cardinal sin; the Bills rookie doubted the native chicken wing.

Duff's invited the rookie and his friends to their fine establishment this weekend to give him a taste of a real wing, but the rookies made another mistake; one of the young men attempted to ingest the hottest of hot sauces the bar has to offer. The accompanying text from UDFA WR Gary Chambers is enough to make a grown man cringe:

"This video was taken before I threw up had a runny nose, red eyes, and my lips burnt off.. Never again in my life you can bet that! S/o Duffs for damn near ending my life with the rightly named DEATH sauce smh #BillsMafia"

Poor guy. Veterans Richie Incognito and Charles Clay also joined the rookies at the Eastern Hills Mall location of the wing chain.

Here are Striker's comments from May (with media member gasps):

"I mean, what else can you do to a chicken wing?" Lots, Eric. Lots.