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Buffalo Bills stadium: Pegulas looking for "right solutions" to stadium questions

Commissioner Goodell addressed the Bills stadium needs prior to Jim Kelly's annual golf event.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Today is the annual Jim Kelly Celebrity Golf Classic, which is being attended by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Prior to teeing off this morning, Goodell spent some time with the media to answer a few questions. One topic that came up was the question around a new stadium for the Buffalo Bills.

"Stadiums are important," Goodell told reporters, via WGR 550. "Just to making sure that the team here can continue to compete and not only throughout the NFL, but also compete in this environment. Because you've got great facilities here now. And the Bills have to stay up with that."

"I think that's one of the things Terry's going through," continued Goodell. "And trying to see what it will take to make sure that the Bills can remain here on a successful basis. That's (the Pegulas) objective. I know that's their commitment. We fully support that. We have league funding that's available to help in that kind of circumstance."

These comments should add to the chatter and speculation among fans surrounding the options that the team could pursue for a future stadium. Rumors immediately began swirling in early May, when the Bills purchased land adjacent to Ralph Wilson Stadium. Those rumors were eventually put to rest as the team was adding new practice fields.

While no one really knows what the Bills stadium plans will include, it is apparent that Kim and Terry Pegula are doing their homework with the league to explore all options.