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NFL YouTube Classics announced, including seven Bills games

The NFL announced the slate of classic games to be made available on YouTube next month. Bills fans voted for three, and four other Bills games were included by other teams' votes.

Rick Stewart/Getty Images

A few months ago, the NFL announced that three games from each team's historical library would be put up for re-watching on YouTube this year. A couple weeks ago, each team put their slate of games up to a fan vote on their Facebook pages.

Now, we have a list of the games we'll be able to see.

The NFL announced the winners yesterday, and there are seven Buffalo Bills games of the 98 that would be made available (there may possibly be five Carolina Panthers game available, since they had a three-way tie for third).

For those of you wondering, there aren't any AFL games on the slate. The only games before 1980 that were voted in were Super Bowl III (New York Jets over Baltimore Colts) and Super Bowl XI (Oakland Raiders over Minnesota Vikings). There are a few games from the early 1980's, but the bulk of the games come from the last 25 years, with a large helping of games from 2003-2012 in there for you to enjoy.

Three were selected as part of the Bills' fan vote:

1992 AFC Wild Card Round vs. Houston (51%): The Comeback

1990 AFC Championship vs. Los Angeles (19%): The first AFC Championship victory

1992 Week 2 at San Francisco (13%): The "No-Punt" Game

In addition, four other games were voted in as part of other team's slates. Obviously, those won't be games that the Bills won, but if you feel like reliving any of them for a reminder of when the Bills were a playoff team, they are:

1989 AFC Divisional Round at Cleveland: Jim Kelly threw for over 400 yards and four touchdowns, but Bernie Kosar answered with 250 and three touchdowns of his own, including 114 yards and two scores to Webster Slaughter. A late goal-line stand sealed the Browns' 34-30 victory.

1999 AFC Wild Card Round at Tennessee: I really debated whether to just stick a Crying Jordan here, and then I remembered this game pre-dates not only his retirement, but his time with the Washington Wizards. That almost made me cry. Of course, we have The Comeback available as well, if that makes you feel better.

Super Bowl XXVII: The blowout against Dallas. Hey, at least you can watch Don Beebe knock the ball out of Leon Lett's hand, right?

Oh, that replay was already available? And it was in The Four Falls of Buffalo? Oh, well...damn.

Super Bowl XXV

Crying Jordan

So, there you have it. Seven games from the vaults for you to get your fix of the days when the Bills were a much more successful team. You can see guys like Kelly (and Frank Reich), Thurman Thomas, Bruce Smith, and Andre Reed in their primes, with some solid competition to boot.

Also, if you're too happy and need a downer, there are a few good choices for you as well.

Here's to hoping the Bills add a classic or two this season, ideally in a playoff setting.

Update: I originally included the 1996 playoff tilt against the Jacksonville Jaguars in the list, but the NFL's list seems to be mixed up a bit. Jaguars fans voted in the follow-up game against the Denver Broncos. The Bills game was up for voting, but finished fourth. Credit to Sal Capaccio for knowing what's up.