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Buffalo Bills offseason workouts: Corbin Bryant, Preston Brown

The training center for Preston Brown and Corbin Bryant shared this video of their offseason workouts.

Matt Warren is Associate Director of NFL coverage for SB Nation and previously covered the Bills for Buffalo Rumblings for more than a decade.

Corbin Bryant and Preston Brown haven’t been sitting idle since the Buffalo Bills ended training camp. They’ve been participating in a workout program at IgnitionAPG in Mason, Ohio. The folks at IPG wanted to share with us some video of what the pair have been up to.

“That video was just a short glimpse into what we do with all of our guys,” said Matt Kittell with IgnitionAPG. “The first part has them doing an explosive movement with the chain box squats. In that exercise we focus more on bar speed than weight, although Corbin puts up a lot of weight. To measure bar speed we use technology attached to the bar called ‘Gym Aware,’ which allows for our trainers to know just how fast the bar is moving so they can add or subtract weight. Gives the guys lifting a good visual too.”

“The next thing is single-leg rdl [Romanian deadlift] which is a stability exercise for the hamstring great for just building our guys up and keeping them injury-free,” continued Kittell. “The dumbbell bench is next, which is simply just an upper body exercise capped off with a hip movement with the band. We usually start and end every workout with hip movements because for a lot of guys that's their life blood their ability to move hips quickly to get to the ball.”

Thanks to Matt and the folks at IgnitionAPG for sharing this with us.