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Pokémon Go: Buffalo Bills players as characters

Yep, we're playing Pokémon Go, too.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard about the latest Nintendo craze to hit the world: the mobile app Pokémon Go. Yours truly is one of millions caught up in the game, which got me thinking about Pokémon in another context. Here are my picks for Buffalo's Pokémon roster. Do you agree with the choices? If you played the games, suggest your pairings in the comments!

Sammy Watkins: Alakazam

Combines his incredible on-field intelligence with special moves that practically teleport around the field. He's a powerful anchor for any team, if a bit fragile.

LeSean McCoy: Hitmonlee

Put together McCoy's amazing agility, speed, and his ability to stay limber even when he appears to have a serious injury, and you'd probably end up with Hitmonlee, whose legs are literally springs.

Robert Woods: Pidgeotto

Probably the first Pokemon you caught after starting your adventure, he's not the strongest one in the group, but he's dependable and you don't want to think about replacing him on the team.

Tyrod Taylor: Grovyle

You weren't certain which starter to pick, so you went with the cool-looking tree frog. Now that he's leveled up a bit, you can see the potential his speed and skill brings to your team. If he stays healthy, will he evolve into the foundation of the group?

Marcell Dareus: Snorlax

You do not tell Snorlax where to go. If he's blocking the road, you'd better find a new road to walk down. Good luck running the ball when he's standing in the way.

Marquise Goodwin: Electrode

The electric-type is one of the fastest Pokemon you'll ever find. Unfortunately, he's rather one-dimensional, and has a tendency to self destruct.

Ronald Darby: Murkrow

This dark-type Pokemon is known for stealing objects and flying away with them. With 21 passes defended in his first season, Darby is looking forward to a long career of taking the ball away from offenses.

Stephon Gilmore: Magnezone

As his name would suggest, this is the most magnetic Pokemon. Good luck gaining separation on this creature. Gilmore's fast footwork and physical play makes him one of the stickiest cornerbacks in the league.

Jerry Hughes: Gyarados

Amazing what some time, training, and TLC can do for a player. Hughes didn't fit in Indianapolis, but he evolved into a monster pass rusher after joining the Bills. Now he intimidates even the best tackles in the league.