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Buffalo Rumblings Job Openings

We’re hiring at Buffalo Rumblings.

If you’re interested in writing for us, shoot me an email at You don’t have to send a lengthy resume, cover letter or any of the normal job application requisites.

Just send two or three writing samples on NFL topics. More specifically, if you want to sell yourself as, say, a salary cap writer, send over those articles. Same goes for any other particular area. The deadline for applications is Monday, July 25 at 2:30pm EST.

(Please also include your typical availability.)

However, aligning with Rex Ryan, we value versatility at Rumblings. So I’d love to see a writing-sample package consisting of a news-based article, an analytical article, and maybe an opinion article.

I want to have the new writer(s) in place before training camp begins next weekend.

I’m looking for you to be able to write between 2-5 articles per week and can be super flexible with your daily and weekly availability, although being able to write during the weekdays and / or after the games on Sunday would be beneficial.

As for pay, each writer can receive $100 per month, with the possibility of earning more based on performance over time. Yes, $100 a month is more beer money than Range Rover money, but what’s wrong with that? Also, I totally understand there probably will be one, if not two other jobs or school-related priorities that’ll come first. All good.

Matt Warren and Dan Lavoie started as unpaid contributors and are now full-time staff members who regularly get checks from SB Nation. I wrote a ton of articles for free in the past as well. Gotta love doing it.

I’m taking this next paragraph from Brian Galliford’s call out last year:

“Here's the important part: we're going to have a lot of interested parties, so pitch to me. It's one thing to want to write about the Bills; it's another, entirely, to have something specific in mind that you would bring to the site. Writing online is all about having a voice, so give me an idea of what your voice is. Make yourself stand out!”

I genuinely look forward to reading your work and am pumped to add two (if not more) quality writers to Rumblings who’ll be integral in elevating the site to the next level during the 2016 season.