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Morning Joe! What if? Bills Edition

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Murphy's Law: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

Has this not been the adage of a Buffalo Bills fan? We as fans have been conditioned to expect the worst. The Bills have turned believers in to doubters and made the most optimistic fan in to Johnny from Major League 2.

All offseason, I've been running different what-if scenarios through my head to help prepare me for the inevitable letdown that we as fans has grown accustom to. It's sad, I know, especially during a time of year when Bills fans most optimistic. But I did it anyway, and I have decided to share them with you so that you can join me in my misery.

What-if scenario #1

What if Tyrod Taylor gets hurt and E.J. Manuel leads the Bills to the playoffs? Who do they keep?

I have this haunting image of Taylor going down early and the team being forced to play E.J. Manuel. Manuel leads the team to a winning record and its first playoff berth this century. It will be fitting for this to happen wouldn't it? The Bills decided not to pick up the team option on Manuel this off-season, making him a free agent after the season. If he pulls a "Kirk Cousin," the Bills will be forced to keep and pay him. Obviously, Buffalo couldn't pay him and Taylor, which means Taylor would be allowed to walk.

Murphy's Law: Manuel's good season is a fluke, the following season he shows his true colors and becomes a Ryan Fitzpatrick 2.0 (gets paid and bombs), and Taylor turns in to the next Drew Brees.

It's all a stretch, I know, but would it surprise you? We've witnessed stranger things; like a team leading the league in sacks one season, and fall to the bottom the next, with all the same players.

What-if scenario #2

What if Richie Incognito does or say something stupid again? What do the Bills do?

The reclamation of Richie Incognito has to be one of the best feel good stories of the NFL. Here you have a guy who did something stupid, owned it, paid his debt, came back, had a pro-bowl season, and got paid. He was the best lineman on the team last year, and from what has been reported, a great locker room guy.

However, Incognito, like other players that were in similar situations, is on his last leg. There is no room for another incident, because if so it might be the end of his career in the NFL. From what we've seen, Incognito is a very charismatic-outspoken guy, who has the tendency to say things that might not go over too well with certain people or groups. Unfortunately, a personality like Incognito can mean trouble, as society has become uber-sensitive and ultra PC, where every word is taking at face value, and opposing opinions are thwarted rather than embraced. For the Bills, let's hope Murphy doesn't show its ugly face.

What-if scenario #3

What if Jimmy Garoppolo becomes the next Tom Brady?

My friends often ask me how I manage to remain a Bills fan after years of losing. I tell them that I already made my peace with the situation. I have already accepted that as long as Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are an item, the Bills will not make the playoffs. I'm patiently waiting for the two to split, so that the glory days could be restored. This is how I keep my sanity.

However, there is a chance, a slim chance that the evil empire will continue if somehow Jimmy Garoppolo becomes the next quarterback that Belichick can turn into a star. We know he did it with Tom Brady and Matt Cassel, could Garoppolo be next? If so, this Murphy guy will be public enemy number one in Buffalo.

What if scenario #4

What if the Bills took a chance by signing either Ray Rice or Greg Hardy?

Could you imagine this site if either happened? Knowing what you know about coach Ryan and Doug Whaley, would you honestly be surprised if it did? I'm going to do the moderators a favor and not say anymore about this. I'm just going to sit back and drink my tea.

Okay Bills fans, I have more scenarios, but I don't want to steal your thunder. Let me hear some of your what-if scenarios.