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Buffalo Bills RB Jonathan Williams arrest video leaked by TMZ

The video includes Williams admitting to drinking 40 ounces of beer before driving.

Jonathan Williams was arrested for a DWI last week, but the details were hazy since he refused a breathalyzer test. A video showing the Buffalo Bills rookie on the night he was arrested for driving under the influence has been published by muckraking news source TMZ, and it reveals a few more details about the incident.

In the video, Williams attempts to plead his case while in the back of a police cruiser, admitting to drinking 40 ounces of beer before he drove, but saying that a woman in his car was much more drunk, and that he was trying to keep her from needing to drive.

Williams also tells the cops that he was just drafted, and that he's "really not trying to be in any type of trouble."

For the sake of Williams, other NFL rookies, and others who like to go out and have some drinks in the evenings: Remember, the best way to stay out of trouble once you've had a few is to call a cab or an Uber.