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LeSean McCoy bar fight investigation finally dismissed

It’s finally over after five months.

It’s been five months since Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy was involved in a Philadelphia bar fight. Speculation was rampant at the time about a possible arrest and suspension. Those won’t happen. McCoy’s attorney received word this week that charges against his client were officially dismissed, according to The Buffalo News.

Three videos of the February 7th fight involving a group led by McCoy and a crew of off-duty police officers were all over the internet at the time. The brawl apparently began over a bottle of champagne ordered by McCoy’s group that somehow ended up with the officers, though the circumstances have remained murky on that front.

When NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was in town for the Jim Kelly Golf Tournament, he had a brief face-to-face meeting with McCoy on the side of the first hole before teeing off (see below). With no charges filed, it’s not expected that McCoy will face league discipline.

With that, the story stream is hopefully (and mercifully) closed.