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Let’s play some fantasy football with Buffalo Rumblings readers

Come join the Buffalo Rumblings fantasy football league!

We’re with Yahoo! Fantasy Football again this year.

Update: The "official" Buffalo Rumblings fantasy league has filled up, but thankfully a few entrepreneurial readers have started their own. Check below and in the FanPosts section of the site for information on those.

I have created a Buffalo Rumblings league that you can access right here. It will be an auction and PPR league. The draft is in a little more than two weeks (August 28 at 6pm). Come join it!

That league will likely fill up quickly so if you want to play with fellow Buffalo Rumblings readers, feel free to create a league and leave a link in the comments below.

This could be one of the first seasons in a long time where my expert strategy of drafting all my favorite Bills players might actually pay off. Unfortunately for me, I won’t be able to pull that off because all of you read Buffalo Rumblings religiously. No way I’m sneaking a late round Marquise Goodwin or Mike Gillislee pick past the Buffalo Rumblings readers.

So sign up for some Yahoo! Fantasy. You can create a new league here if the one above is full.

Reader-created Leagues

Bataviabill’s Rumblings Fantasy Football 2.0 league

Loophole64’s 12 Man Buffalo Rumblings Fantasy League

dfredricey’s Buffalo Bills Fantasy Football League