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Open Thread: Bills-Colts, Preseason week 1

Come talk Buffalo Bills with us!

Buffalo is seeing a return of NFL football tonight at 7:00, as the Indianapolis Colts come into town to face the Bills in their first preseason game of 2016. At least, we hope that’s the case.

Weather forecasts have been predicting thunderstorms to hit Buffalo right around seven or eight in the evening, which may threaten the timing of this game. If the storm is bad enough, the league office may postpone or even cancel the matchup. Keep a close eye on the reporters covering the game in case some lightning forces the hands of the staff involved.

Assuming the game kicks off without a hitch, it’s our first chance to see the return of Tyrod “Franchise QB*” Taylor at the helm of the offense, as well as the team’s rookie class (well, the healthy ones) and the free agents that were added in the offseason.

Use this thread as your open forum to discuss tonight’s game (or the dinner you grilled)! Keep it civil, folks, and remember...