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Tyrod Taylor and Buffalo Bills talk with SB Nation Radio

Matt Warren joined SB Nation Radio’s “Night Moves” to discuss the Bills’ offseason.

It’s been a busy week and offseason for the Buffalo Bills, and I was on “Night Moves” early Tuesday morning to recap it all with Lewis Woodard. It aired at 2:30 a.m. ET, but the great part about SB Nation Radio is we get to embed the audio here for you to listen.

In the radio spot, I discuss Tyrod Taylor’s new contract, the Bills’ first preseason game, how Rex Ryan failed last season and is moving forward this offseason, the “playoffs or bust” mantra some in the national media are throwing around, and more.

SB Nation Radio kicked off August 1st and is going to rely heavily on established network bloggers for information. When they need a Bills take, they’ll get on the horn with Buffalo Rumblings. There is an app coming soon, podcasts to download, you can listen live online, or listen on one of the 500 terrestrial or satellite radio stations including Sirius.