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Bills LB Manny Lawson denies report of domestic violence

The linebacker is reportedly facing a one-game suspension but is strenuously denying the charges against him.

Yesterday, reports surfaced that two presumed starters on the Buffalo Bills’ opening day defense would be facing suspensions.

One of those players is fighting back.

While Marcell Dareus seems ready to accept his four-game suspension, Manny Lawson and his agent are strongly denying the charges behind his pending one-game absence.

There is very little information out in the open about the incident that led to the suspension. Tim Graham, one of the reporters who broke the story yesterday, tweeted that the incident was “not recent.”

TBN’s Jay Skurski spoke with Lawson’s agent yesterday, who offered no comment aside from the denial of the charges. As Graham notes, however, he doesn’t deny that there’s a pending suspension.

There are plenty of situations where it’s best to reserve judgement until all the facts are in, and this is one of them. Skurski mentions that “Lawson has been the subject of an NFL investigation into an alleged domestic violence incident,” but the NFL hasn’t announced anything to this point.

Until it does, this is going to be a very murky situation.