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In Madden NFL 17, Bills rank second in the AFC East

Buffalo's 81 OVR ranking puts them right in the middle of the NFL, but in their division's pecking order they rank just behind the Patriots.

To wrap up our look at this year's Madden franchise, we wanted to give you a view of how the other teams in the AFC look. In a way, this is also a primer for how their rosters will be constructed when the Bills face them in reality this fall. The Bills, with a team rating of 81 overall, are tied for the 14th-highest score in this year's game. That ranks them second in the AFC East, while the Dolphins and Jets are tied for last.

New England Patriots

The Patriots are the top rated team in the AFC this year, which is largely due to the Super Bowl champions seeing their top two quarterbacks depart in the offseason. As usual, the team features extreme top level talent at a couple key positions (99 OVR Rob Gronkowski and 94 OVR Tom Brady). Julian Edelman is one of the better all-around receivers in the game, with excellent catching abilities and plenty of elusive moves. Their defense is also well-stocked with highly rated players, including six that rate at least 85 overall. Linebacker Jamie Collins will be a popular player-controlled option on defense, thanks to his athletic talents: 85 SPD, 88 ACC, 83 AGI, and high grades for his coverage. The Patriots also have a solid Thunder and Lightning pair of running backs in 81 OVR LeGarrette Blount and 80 OVR Dion Lewis.

While a large part of the Patriots roster is highly graded, they have a serious weakness on the offensive line, where they don't have an interior lineman with a higher grade than 74 OVR on the roster. The defensive line also lacks depth, with only a single player (Terrance Knighton) with an OVR above 77. They can be ground down and stuffed in the lines, but it will be a challenge for anyone to keep up with the Brady-Gronkowski connection.

Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins are not treated very kindly in this year's game, with a 77 overall rating that ranks above only three other teams in the game. The offense lacks star players, while the defense lacks depth.

Right now Miami has an offense that combines aging veterans on the offensive line with young, undeveloped receivers. While Jarvis Landry sits as an 87 OVR on the cusp of stardom, last year's first round pick DeVante Parker is mired in the seventies thanks to his underwhelming rookie season. Arian Foster (81 OVR) and Jay Ajayi (75 OVR) both have valuable running skills, but both have injury ratings in the seventies, which makes them risky commitments. The Madden scouts are not impressed with Ryan Tannehill, but thanks to good short and medium accuracy and a nice ability to throw on the run, you can still make him work. The depth behind him is awful, however.

One name that will grab the attention of veteran players is wide receiver Jakeem Grant. Although he only rates a 66 overall (largely due to his awful 49 awareness), Grant is tied for the fastest speed in the game at 96. His 95 ACC and 91 AGI also make him an excellent raw prospect to develop.

Luckily for the Dolphins, the Madden team still likes Ndamukong Suh, whose 98 STR should help him blow up running plays. Safety Reshad Jones (93 OVR) is the other top defender. There's still plenty of talent on this defense, including player-friendly options like Jones or Jelani Jenkins, yet the team is vulnerable in the secondary. Byron Maxwell (72 OVR) is one starter, while rookie Xavien Howard (72 OVR, 59 AWR) is the other. The free safety options are also lacking in the awareness department. Cue up a play action pass and let 'er rip!

New York Jets

The Jets players have to be happy they re-signed Ryan Fitzpatrick, since none of Geno Smith, Bryce Petty, or rookie Christian Hackenberg show any real positive traits. Hackenberg has a howitzer for an arm, but his accuracy is scattershot across the board. Those quarterbacks are all below average in accuracy, awareness, and elusiveness. At least Smith is decent throwing on the run.

Luckily, there's an excellent supporting cast helping those quarterbacks. Brandon Marshall (89 OVR) and Eric Decker (87 OVR) is an excellent top pairing, as long as both stay on the field. Matt Forte is a little less athletic than last year, but is still a reliable route runner and an all-around skilled veteran at running back. The offensive line has some good pieces, but severely lacks depth. Brian Winters (70 OVR) and Breno Giacomini (69 OVR) are a forgettable right side of the line, and the backups aren't going to improve anything.

The logjam of defensive line talent on the Jets is apparent in their Madden roster, where Muhammad Wilkerson (89 OVR), Sheldon Richardson (86 OVR) and Leonard Williams (81 OVR) all play end. Moving one or two of them to tackle is a good way to amp up the team's pass rush. To that end, players may want to experiment with moving Lorenzo Mauldin or Jordan Jenkins from outside linebacker to end.

The Madden raters aren't very high on linebacker Darron Lee (73 OVR), but he's still an incredible athlete. He'll be a fun player-controlled defender, even if he struggles to pick passes. The secondary is strong, anchored once again by Darrelle Revis. Calvin Pryor is one of the hardest hitting safeties in this year's game, with his 95 POW rating.