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Buffalo Bills offense: Statistics in futility

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The Bills were pretty awful on offense.

Before we get to the Buffalo Bills’ horrible display on offense in Week 1, it’s worth noting that Greg Roman had never lost on opening day. Not coaching the Stanford Cardinal, San Francisco 49ers, or in Buffalo. It makes the offense’s futility against the Baltimore Ravens even more strange.

That Bills team in 1979 dropped 51 points on their opponent the following week, so maybe things are looking up.

The Dick Jauron Bills managed just 145 yards of offense that day, and were blown out 40-7 while committing five turnovers. The Bills didn’t turn over the ball at all this week.

The Bills had as many turnovers in that game as first downs; six. They had 162 yards to outpace the 2016 Bills.

The biggest sticking point from the game was Tyrod Taylor’s unwillingness or inability to go down the field. The cause has already been debated repeatedly, be it the protection, the playcalling, or the passer himself. We don’t know the answer yet, but his longest pass of the day came on a broken play.

Last but not least, when your offense is having a rough day, lots of coaches would pull back and hope for a big play on defense or special teams and punt the ball away. (It’s still the wrong decision.) On Baltimore’s 49-yard line with just over 14 minutes to play, Buffalo punted when they build their team on running the ball. Their slogan is “Bills Run Deep” yet they don’t trust their players to “Bills Run For Two Yards.” Buffalo got the ball back just twice more and didn’t make it back to midfield again. The analytics are not in the coaches’ favor playing it safe here.