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Report: Bills to re-sign FB Jerome Felton

The veteran fullback was cut prior to the season opener, but a poor offensive performance sparked a reunion.

Per NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, the Buffalo Bills are bringing Jerome Felton back into the fold.

No contract details are available at the moment, but Felton was entering the second season of a four-year, $9.2 million contract prior to his release as part of the cutdown to 53 before the season began. His new deal should be somewhere south of that, but probably not by a whole lot.

Felton, 30, earned a lot of ire from Bills fans last season for the perceived gap between his contract and his contribution to the offense, but it was clear from yesterday’s loss to the Ravens that a traditional fullback is something that Greg Roman’s offense sorely needs. Glenn Gronkowski was a weak link in the offense, and for all his versatility he isn’t nearly as good of a blocker as Felton is.

One player who should be happy to see Felton back in the locker room is LeSean McCoy. The Bills’ starting running back, who broke off a few nice runs yesterday but was largely bottled up by the Ravens’ defense, was sad to see Felton go last week.

Hopefully, Felton can provide a spark to the run game while allowing the Bills to keep away from the six-lineman formations that they were forced to use too often against the Ravens. He might not do much besides block, but if he can at least do that the team should be able to improve on offense.