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Some new game-day procedures at New Era Field

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Ushering in a New Era with some “new” policies.

When the Bills take on the New York Jets Thursday night, fans in attendance will notice some new security measures. The Bills have posted a video via their mobile app detailing some of the security check-in procedures (in summary, one should not bring a large bag, and any personal belongings should be kept in a clear, plastic bag. Plastic bags are available for purchase at the Bills store, but I think it will be a bit cheaper to have a personal one on hand), and the Buffalo News recently published a more detailed look at the changes in procedure. Those changes include:

  • A visible SWAT team presence, which is actually a continuation of policy enacted last December as a response to the terror attack during a France-Germany soccer match.
  • Bomb-sniffing dogs and bomb squad technicians on hand before, during, and after the game.
  • New metal detectors, piloted last year only at Gate 3, will be found at all gates this season.
  • Approximately 250 deputized officers on hand.

The team suggests that fans will want to enter the stadium earlier this season, suggesting that they line up anywhere from 60-90 minutes prior to kickoff. They also shared a warning regarding consuming beverages in glass bottles, stating that anyone who ignores a clear request to discard the bottle properly (i.e., not on the ground) or pour its contents into a plastic cup should expect to be ticketed.