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Jets at Bills to live stream on Twitter

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For the second time in as many seasons, a Bills game will be streaming online to the masses on a new platform.

You may recall that last year, the Bills’ tilt against the Jacksonville Jaguars made history as the first game to be streamed live over the Internet without requiring a subscription service (such as Sunday Ticket).

The league is trying that method out again this year, and once again the Bills will be involved.

Tonight’s matchup against the New York Jets, the team’s home opener and the first regular season game at the newly-christened New Era Field, will be streamed live on Twitter. Unlike last season, the Twitter stream won’t be a one-off experience but rather a semi-regular simulcast over the course of the season, with this being the first of ten Thursday Night Football games to be made available.

The platform is currently live at, although whether or not any pre-game broadcasts will show remains to be seen. There won’t be any authentication required, so you can watch the stream without having to put in your cable provider’s info like you would for an ESPN stream. The page even has a live Tweet stream, although if they make full-screen video available that would limit its usefulness. You can also see the stream by clicking over to the “Moments” tab on Twitter.

If you don’t feel like streaming, you can always catch the game through traditional means on CBS or the NFL Network. If not, though, this newest option is worth a try.