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Best Bills-related fantasy football team names

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Do you want to go for a ride?

It’s that time of year, every person at the office tells you about who they’re going to take in the first round, and who is the real deep sleeper they have their eye on. Everyone rolls their eyes, but let’s all be honest with ourselves here, we love fantasy and we love talking about it! In honor of America’s favorite pastime, we asked our followers on Facebook and Twitter to submit their best Bills related fantasy football team names. Thanks to the over 200 people who submitted ideas! I’ve sorted my top 50 into different categories/themes below and picked my top five below that. Enjoy!

Rex Ryan Names

  • Buffet Built for Two
  • Rexy and I Know It
  • Let’s talk about Rex
  • Rex’s and O’s
  • Rexual Healing
  • The Rexorcist
  • Rex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll
  • The Rex Pistols

Tyrod Taylor names

  • Tyrodasaurus Rex
  • Taylor Made
  • Tim the Tyrod Taylor
  • Taylor Park Boys
  • In Tyrod we Trust

LeSean McCoy names

  • The Real McCoys
  • It’s Always Shady in Buffalo
  • The Shady Bunch
  • Backfields and McCoys
  • McCoy Meets World

Sammy Watkins names

  • Watkins on Sunshine
  • Long Watkins on Shady Beaches
  • 1.21 Gigawatkins
  • Turn Down for Watkins

Karlos Williams names

  • Kutting Weight with Karlos
  • Sympathy Weight
  • Karlos’ Baby Weight

Marcell Dareus names

  • The Fast and the Dareus
  • Mr. Big Puff
  • Whoomp! (Dareus)

Charles Clay names

  • 50 Fades to Clay
  • Every Kiss Begins with Clay

Other current player names

  • Caesar Salas
  • I’m a Darby Girl
  • Coming up Hughes
  • Happy Gilmore
  • Albright, Albright, Albright
  • Forgot About Dray
  • Going Incognito
  • EJ, read the $&!$%@ Manuel

Generic Buffalo/Bills names

  • Kill Bills
  • Buffalo Banthas
  • The Price is Wide Right
  • White Buffaloes
  • Circle the Wagons

Past Player names

  • Tutti Flutie
  • Fluttie and the Blowfish
  • Bruce Smith Almighty
  • The Thurmanator
  • Thurman’s Goat
  • FredEx Delivers
  • Mario Speedwagon

My Top Five

5. Albright, Albright, Albright

I like me some pop culture references, and this one is a very clever one. Changing Matthew McConaughey’s famous catchphrase into a Bills reference is ingenious. Be cautious using this name though: only die hard Bills fans are going to understand it. You also run the risk of Bryson Albright not making the team and your team name being irrelevant before the season even kicks off.

4. Rex’s and O’s

Almost all of the Rex Ryan based team names had Rex replacing sex in a song title or some other saying. Those are still solid, but they all are too similar to stand out. Rex’s and O’s however is simple, too the point, and a great football reference. Now if Rex only knew something about the X’s and O’s. (OOH BURN!)

3. McCoy Meets World

Like I’ve already said, I like a good pop culture reference. Boy, does this one hit home. Boy Meets World was my part of my post-school routine for many years as a child. Combine that history with a Bills player that myself and Sean C. Murphy both think is going to do great this year and you have yourself a winning name.

2. Taylor Park Boys

Marcell Dareus would probably fit in better at Sunnyvale Trailer Park than Tyrod Taylor, but Tyrod would definitely be the more interesting addition to the show. Tyrod’s leadership and decision making might actually rub of Ricky and help him stay out of trouble.

1. I’m a Darby Girl

Come on Barbie Darby, let's go party! (Ah ah ah yeah)

Come on Barbie Darby, let's go party! (Oh oh)

Come on Barbie Darby, let's go party! (Ah ah ah yeah)

Come on Barbie Darby, let's go party! (Oh oh)

When you make “I’m a Darby Girl” your fantasy football name you’re asking for scrutiny. But you also just gained the right to play “Barbie Girl” by Aqua as much as you want and for the sole purpose of annoying your opponents and getting in their head. Play it every time you pick during the draft, send it to your opponent every week, and when you win the championship demand that everyone else in your league make it their ringtone until the next season. You’ve earned that.