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Week 3 NFL Power Rankings: Buffalo Bills near basement

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The Bills are in the bottom handful of teams almost everywhere.

The Buffalo Bills’ loss to the New York Jets removed any doubt about the 2016 squad’s place in NFL Power Rankings for many national observers. If they held out a question of whether the Bills were in the middle of the pack or the bottom tier, those questions were answered with Greg Roman’s firing on Friday and the air around One Bills Drive is noticably altering the evaluators’ opinions.

SB Nation still holds out the most hope, with Buffalo dropping just three spots from 19 to 22. The win moved the Jets from 18th to 12th.

On the other end of the spectrum, Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio piled on Bills’ coach Rex Ryan by quoting the man in his rankings. “Rex Ryan wasn’t the first mother–cker to get fired, after all,” wrote Florio, moving Buffalo from 29 to 31. The quote is from this offseason when Rex was saying he wouldn’t get fired in 2016.

ESPN also left the Bills near the very bottom, ranking them 30th after a stop at 27 last week.

Down five spots at, Eliot Harrison gave the Bills several outs for their poor performance in Week 2 while dropping them five spots to 27.