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Concerns arise about Sammy Watkins’ availability for Week 3

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Rex “concerned” about lack of practice participation

As if the start of the season hadn’t been harrowing enough for the Bills, new concerns regarding Sammy Watkins’s availability for Week 3 have the team looking especially shorthanded. Per WGR’s Sal Capaccio, Rex Ryan is “concerned” that, without practice, Watkins would be unavailable this weekend.

Obviously, Sammy’s participation is crucial to righting the ship on offense. Without him, it stands to reason that new offensive coordinator Anthony Lynn will be limited in what he can do. Even though Lynn preached a philosophy of spreading the ball around in order to win when interviewed by John Murphy earlier this week, he noted in that same interview that Sammy “needs his touches.” The Buffalo offense is far more potent with its best receiver than without; in other news, water is wet.

If Watkins is unable to go on Sunday, it might give Walt Powell the ability to commence the #AutumnofWaltPowell. One would assume that Marquise Goodwin would draw the starting gig, with Greg Salas playing a tremendous role out of the slot. In other words, the Bills may have to hope that the sum of its parts would at least be equal to the whole in Sammy’s absence.