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Bills 17, Cardinals 7: second half open thread

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The Bills can’t complain about their first half performance.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Buffalo Bills Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills, under major pressure to show signs of life, couldn’t have had much of a better start to their game against the Arizona Cardinals. Anthony Lynn incoporated a few more horizontal concepts, LeSean McCoy scored two rushing touchdowns, Tyrod Taylor had a franchise record-long quarterback run, and Buffalo’s defense completely stifled the Cardinals, holding them to seven yards of offense through their first five drives.

The Cardinals finally found signs of life at the end of the second quarter. A personal foul penalty was levied against Jerry Hughes when he ripped Carson Palmer’s helmet off during a sack. The penalty extended Arizona’s drive on what otherwise would’ve been a fourth and long situation.

Given a second opportunity, the Cardinals leaned on their running game, driving down to the endzone for a David Johnson touchdown. Instead of a 17-0 Bills lead and Buffalo ball with five minutes to go, it was 17-7 with a minute remaining when the Bills next had possession.

With three timeouts in their pocket and 1:05 of clock, the Bills made it a little farther down the field than they had usually fared with Greg Roman coordinating the offense, but their drive still stalled at midfield.

Arizona will get the ball to begin the second half. We’ll talk about it in here. Go Bills!