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Tom Coughlin reportedly met with Bills, but why?

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On the internet rumor that was confirmed before Week 3.

Before the Buffalo Bills dismantled the Arizona Cardinals at New Era Field in Week 3, an internet rumor regarding a potential front office shakeup in Western New York was confirmed by local media.

Apparently, on a message board, someone suggested they heard Tom Coughlin recently met with the Bills.

Here’s how Rochester Democrat and Chronicle reporter Sal Mariona responded when asked about it:

Soon thereafter, there was speculation that the Pegulas weren’t even in Buffalo when Coughlin was said to have visited the team, thereby making it extremely unlikely it was even a preliminary interview to see if the former Giants head coach would be interested in a football czar — can we please come up with a new name for that? — position with the Bills.

What we are sure about is this — Coughlin is currently working for the NFL as a senior adviser of football operations.

In an article written on August 1 by Paul Schwartz of The New York Post, it was stated that Coughlin “will travel to NFL training camps and may travel to games.”

So, Coughlin’s trip to Buffalo could’ve been nothing more than a mandatory trip that’s part of his new gig.

Do I think the Bills should be sniffing around for someone to oversee the entire football side of the organization?


Heck, I didn’t even like the idea with Bill Polian.

Beyond the fact that it exemplify the phrase “too many cooks in the kitchen,” with all due respect to both Polian — a well-deserved Hall of Famer — and Coughlin — who could reach the Hall someday — Buffalo absolutely does not need nor should it want someone in their 70s running everything football related.