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Dennis Thurman to continue calling plays on defense

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After Buffalo’s tremendous defensive effort against Arizona, this seems like a no-brainer.

With Dennis Thurman calling the Bills’ defensive plays in Week 3, Carson Palmer had a QB rating of 36.0, the third-lowest of his NFL career and the lowest in a game in which he threw at least 25 passes.

Quite clearly, there's no reason for a play-calling change.

According to Chris Brown of, Thurman will move forward calling the plays on that side of the football for Buffalo.

Thurman threw everything at the Cardinals offense — three-man rushes, seven-defensive back sets, overload blitzes, zone blitzes, A-gap blitzes.

All that is classic “Rex Ryan defense.”

Clearly, Rex is trying to evolve into more of a managerial, CEO-style head coach, which might not be the worst thing for him.